RUBIES. Found here. OUTAGE. A comic created for the Cloudscape anthology EXPLODED VIEW. More information about the book can be found here.
A silly comic starring Lere and Friends. Currently in progress/hiatus. This is a spicy number so I'm giving the "Not Safe for Work" rating here. An impromtu comic made with markers (but not for kids). Featuring Lere, Jane and a whole gang of prose loving nudists! The Day After V-day was nominated for a 2009 Gene Day Award.
A dark comic about the cycle of mental illness. Originally printed in an anthology in 2007. A short comic starring kid versions of Lere, Jane, and Ben. Originally for an anthology project about childhood that didn't quite get off it's feet. ALL AGES! Soon to be available in a small printed version.
A comic about a cat up a tree originally printed in a Radar Friends Anthology c.2007. My Hourly Comic for Hourly Comic Day 2009 and 2010. The goal is to draw your day every hour you're awake. For more info go here! You can make one too!
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